About Us

We are a full service indoor/outdoor garden supply and hydroponic store located in NY.

  • Shipping to the continental US only.
  • In-store pick up.
  • Delivery available (COD).
  • Large or frieght items may be quoted after purchase for shipping.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Community Efforts:

  • Member of the Delaware Area Neighborhood Association.
  • Member of the Delaware Ave Merchants Group
  • Participated in monthly 1st Friday Albany Art Event.
  • Help local artists sell their works commission free.
  • Providing local businesses and friends a place to offer their foods to the local community.
  • Participated in Earth Day on Albany South End: Helped coordinate the event, donated organic gardening supplies, ran a tomato plant workshop to teach the city’s youth about gardening and sustanability.
  • Asked to speak at Albany Common Council meeting at City Hall
  • Donated time and garden products to Youth Organics in Albany’s South End.
  • Volunteered time and garden products to the Capital District Community Gardens.
  • Became a vendor at the Delmar Famers Market.
  • Donated funds to the Turtle Tree Seed Company, a local NY veggie seed company that lost their hoop house.
  • Actively teach locals how to create gardens and grow their own food.
  • Donated gardening products to the Spring Garden Day, hosted by the Cornell Co-operative Extension of Rensselaer County.
  • Donated a gift basket worth to the Teen Challenge of Albany’s Spring Banquet.
  • Sponsored a basketball team for the Boy & Girls Club of Albany for their annual “Stop The Violence Tournament”
  • Volunteering time and sponsoring the Meyers Middle School Vegetable Project.
  • Donating plants to vacant lots for small community gardens.