Vegamatrix | Nutrients Complete Set

From start to finish from Kyle Kushman

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Package 1:

  • Quarts of ALL Products


Package 2:

  • Gallons of Grow, Bloom, Boost, Primezyme
  • Quarts of Amp-It and Hard-N-Quick


Package 3:

  • Gallons of ALL Products


Vegamatrix combines the best of science with the best of nature. Vegamatrix is over 95% natural and organic. Working with our team of organic chemists and horticulture experts we have created the very first line of easy to use Veganic nutrients using plant based nutrition without a majority of chemicals found in other veganic nutrients.


Application List
ImageApplicationPriceAdd to Cart
 Size: 1 Quart - All Parts$190.00Call for Price
 Size: Gallon - Quart Combo (See Desc)$360.00Call for Price
 Size: 1 Gallon - All Parts$540.00Call for Price
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